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Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting is a full service consulting company.  We have a selection of consultants available for projects and troubleshooting needs.  With this wide variety of skills we insure that we have the correct skill set to fit your needs.

In the Microsoft skill set we have SQL Server Administrators and Developers who can design, build and deploy database solutions either from the server configuration side of the project or the T/SQL Coding side of the project.  This includes performance tuning the database server as well as the databases indexes.  We also have consultants who can assist with your Microsoft Windows and SQL Server High Availability solutions.  Our Microsoft consultants include people who are Microsoft MVPs (Most Valued Professionals) and Microsoft Certified Masters (MCMs) or both.

In the VMware skill set we have consultants who can help design, scale, and build your VMware ESX 3.x or vSphere 4.x and 5.x environments.  This includes performance tuning VMware platforms from both the host and the guest side.  Our consultants can help you plan your VMware migrations from beginning to end no matter if you are virtualizing a few server environment onto a single physical server or if you are moving hundreds of servers onto a large cluster of physical servers.

In the storage skill set we have consultants who have experience designing, deploying and managing a variety of storage platforms including various EMC platforms, IBM’s XIV platform, various NetApp platforms as well as a variety of other storage platforms.  Out consultants also have experience working high ultra high speed platforms such as FusionIO, RAMSAN, OCZ, and Pure Storage.  With our wide variety of technology experience we have the consultants available to help you bring in a new storage solution or troubleshoot the performance of your existing storage solution.

Some of our consultants are known not just as consultants but as conference speakers as well.  Among their speaking credits include speaking at conferences like Microsoft TechEd (both North America and Europe), Dev Connections, SQL Connections, and the SQL PASS conference.  Additionally our consultants who are public speakers all volunteer their personal time to speak at their local user groups, code camps and SQL Saturday events.  Some of our consultants have also become established authors either on their blogs or in technology books which they have written.

Our sales team is waiting to hear from you regarding your technology projects.  Please send us an email and a member of our team will contact you shortly.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can be informed about technology news and to be informed of any specials that we make available, which are only available to our newsletter subscribers.